§ 1. Use of service
Only legitimate files can be uploaded to AnonFiles.cc. Users are solely responsible for the files that are uploaded. AnonFiles.cc and those who work with the website can not be held responsible for the material.

§ 2. Files
AnonFiles.cc has no responsibility to maintain the uploaded files.

§ 3. Terms
If you upload, you automatically agree to the terms of use and can therefore be held responsible for illegal and/or Copyright infringement material.

§ 4. Offenses
Do not upload anything that violates local law. Illegal files will be removed.

§ 5. Misuse
Files with the intention to cause harm to either the website or server will be removed.

§ 6. Abuse
Abuse issues should only be sent to anonfiles [at] protonmail.com. Anonfiles recommends for a total self-privacy Protonmail as your mail provider.

Updated: 2012-01-29

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